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Dixie Highway Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Part 1 of the Western Avenue Series

Carol Flynn, RHS Newsletter Editor
Linda Lamberty, RHS Historian

Prior to the arrival of the automobile, means of transportation were limited. Locally, people relied on horse and buggy, an occasional trolley, bicycles or walking. Long-distance trips were made by train, confining travelers to established routes and schedules. The advent of the automobile allowed more options and freedom for traveling, but to make automobiles really usable, it became obvious that there needed to be a great improvement in roads. In the early 1900s most roads were dirt, and while passable in dry weather, became muddy quagmires when it rained.

The Good Roads Movement was founded in 1880, initially by bicycle enthusiasts, but other groups took the lead once automobiles became more popular. Good Road advocates pushed for new road construction and improved roadways throughout the country. They often involved themselves in local politics and these issues often became crucial factors in elections. As a result of this movement, major cross-country projects directly affecting Illinois came about. The first was the east-west Lincoln Highway in 1913.

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Welcome Jessica Gradolf

I want to take a moment to introduce myself as RHS's new office assistant!

I am a life long Beverly resident, with long family ties to the Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhoods. I went to St. Barnabas and Mother McAuley (class of '09), then I traveled down to the University of Mississippi for college, where I received a BA in English and Classics (Latin focus).

I am currently working on a Master's of Information and Library Science from the University of Illinois, through their online LEEP program.

I loved growing up in Beverly and am very excited to learn more about the history of this area while working with a historical society I have come to admire over the years. I've always loved the Graver-Driscoll house, and thrilled by opportunity to spend time here!

That's just a little bit about myself, looking forward to meeting you.

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